Sil's mod 1.9 (Smod)

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Sil's mod 1.9 (Smod)

Post by pete on Mon Feb 08, 2016 10:40 pm

Here you can download Sil's mod (mainly designed for CTF gametype, but useful in Lugormod). The mod could be used to enhance your gameplay abilities greatly as it has a handful of useful features. Paste in Base and Lugormod folder to launch.


3rd Person View Fixed
Do you play with 3rd person view? Then you are familiar with annoying reset to 1st person on each map restart. Use SMod to get rid of this bug!

HTTP Download Redirecting
If server supports this (i.e. it has public cvar g_dlURL or any other that you can specify in cg_urlCvars), SMod will quickly download the map for your from given http link.

SMod allows you to whisper to other players with special whispering interface. Just use (bind) "sm_whisp" command to open it.

Automatic Demo Recording
This feature allows you to record all matches you play and keep only the ones that you want (by using "savedemo" command during that particular map). If you forget to press "savedemo", you can find demo of last match in autosaved\LastDemo.dm_26.

Dropped Icon Flag For CTF
New transparent icon for dropped flag has been added for CTF maniacs.

Match Statistics For CTF
At the end of each game you will get a summary - per player - of scoreresults, flag captures, accuracy etc. You can print / view this report anytime during a game by using the "sm_stats" command. You can also set cg_stats 1 too make game generate
the stats for you on every round end.

Strafejump helper
Render ideal directions for single beat strafe (useful also for other styles)! Use cg_strafehelper to turn this feature on. Type /cg_strafehelper to see additional settings cvars.

Support for higher Field of View
For users with higher resolutions SMod allows set cg_fov to higher values.


Prints SMod version.

 cg_demoAutoRecord [Default 1]  
Set 1 for automatical demo recording. You then need to use "savedemo" command during the
game, otherwise demo will be deleted. Tags can be also specified since verson 1.7, so
something like "savedemo stunbatonair" is possible and output demo then could look like
"stunbatonair_0123_1324_ctf4.dm_26". Set this cvar to 0 for automatic recording off.

 cg_drawDroppedFlag [Default 1]
Set 0 to dont draw dropped flag icons, 1 for standard dropped icons and 2 for
experimental state when game prints original flag icons (stolen enemy flag or our flag
is away) but they are made transparent when flag is dropped.

 cg_oldFont [Default 0]  
Set 1 to have old scoreboard font known from version 1.1 and older.

 cg_drawMovementKeys [Default 0]
Set 1 to see which movement keys is client pressing (A,W,S,D and SPACE for jump).

 cg_drawSpectated [Default 0]  
Set 1 to easily see who is spectating who (based on ping).

 cg_speedometer [Default 0]  
Set 1 to draw speedometer which has similar graphic as lagometer.

 cg_thirdPersonFlagAlpha [Default 255]  
Set to 1-255 for alpha (255 = totally visible, 1 = invisible, 0 = default) of flag model on your back
(when you have a flag, in third person), works for general flag model .

 cg_disruptTime [Default 150]  
Life time of disruptor shot in miliseconds.

 cg_disruptMainSize [Default 0]  
 cg_disruptAltSize [Default 0]  
Disruptor main/alt radius if you want it to be constant (this together with cg_disruptTime
can simulate railgun effect, with something like cg_disruptTime 1000,
cg_disruptMainSize 3, cg_disruptAltSize 5).

 cg_drawCaptureTimes [Default 0]
Set 1 to see capture time (time passed from getting the flag from pedestal and capturing
it) of every capture in console (not only yours). Since server works in frames (which
have 50ms space for sv_fps 20 or 33ms space for sv_fps 30 between two frames), this time
will always be multiple of time between two frames. To get better precision, try on
server with higher sv_fps value.

 cg_drawFlagHoldTimer [Default 0]  
Set 1 to see flag holding time.

 cg_drawFlagHoldTimerX [Default 300]
 cg_drawFlagHoldTimerY [Default 460]
 cg_drawFlagHoldTimerPrecision [Default 0]  
Additional flag hold timer settings, position and precision. Position coordinates
need to be between (0,0) and (640,480). cg_drawFlagHoldTimerPrecision is supposed to be
between 0 and 3 (floating point precision for seconds).

 cg_forceEnemyModel [Default ""]
 cg_forceAllyModel [Default ""]
Set this cvars for concrete skins if you want allies/enemies to have specific skin.
You also need to set cg_forcemodel! Set cg_forcemodel to 1 if you want to have same skin
as your allies, that is cg_forceAllyModel, or set cg_forcemodel to 2 if you want keep
your own skin. Example:
cg_forceAllyModel "kyle";
cg_forceEnemyModel "reelo";
cg_forcemodel 2;

   cg_jumpsounds [Default 0]
Allows to activate jump sounds. 0 = no jump sounds, 1 = jump sounds for everyone,
2 = jump sounds for everyone except client himself

   cg_rollSounds [Default 1]
Allows to (de)activate roll sounds (similar to jump sounds but just for rolling) for.
0 = no roll sounds, 1 = roll sounds for everyone, 2 = roll sounds for everyone
except client himself
Replacing  standard say and say_team commands so you can embed player information
into chat messsages. That si done via tokens which are sourrounded with "%" signs.
Tokens are:
%H% - health
%S% - shield
%F% - force
%P_Base% - current base (Our base, The middle, Enemy base)
%P_Object% - nearest object (weapon, flagstand or boon currently)
%B_Some text to show if you have force boon%
sm_say_team ^7HELP NEAR ^5%P_Object%;

Opens whisper interface, i recommend you to bind this to some key.

General timer, takes one argument in seconds and then starts countdown. Example:
sm_timer 30;
This will countdown 30 seconds.
Commands for setting custom color of rage, protect or absorb. It takes three arguments
all in range from 0 to 1 (R,G,B parts). Using without argument will print current values.
Use sm_set_color_rage -1 -1 -1 to set defalt value (similar for other two).  

 cg_autoStats [Default 1]  
Commands for printing CTF statistics, use sm_stats to manually print statistics gathered
from last showed scoreboard. Set cg_autoStats 0 to not print them automatically at match

 cg_absorbShader [Default 0]  
Set 1 if you want absorb to looks same as protect (same shader), so it is easier to see.

 cg_drawSpeedXY [Default 0]  
 cg_drawSpeedXYZ [Default 0]  
 cg_drawSpeedZ [Default 0]  
Set 1 to show speed in XY,XYZ or Z directions.

 cg_strafehelper [Default 0]
Set 1 to see 3D lines showing ideal directions where to look when doing strafe jump
done for single beat strafe).

 cg_strafehelper_radius [Default 0.5]
 cg_strafehelper_length [Default 100]
 cg_strafehelper_color_R [Default 255]
 cg_strafehelper_color_G [Default 0]
 cg_strafehelper_color_B [Default 0]
 cg_strafehelper_velocity [Default 1]
 cg_strafehelper_fps [Default 125]
Some additional parameters for strafehelper. cg_strafehelper_color_R/G/B values set color
of ideal directions lines. Set cg_strafehelper_velocity 0 to not render velocity line
(direction where you are actually moving).

  cg_multiKillMessage [Default 1]
If set to 1, you can see multiple "You killed XYZ" messages when you kill more player at the same time.

  cg_chargeShake [Default 1]
By this cvar you can turn off the camera shaking when you charge certain weapons.

  cg_thirdPersonCrosshairCenter [Default 1]
If you play with 3rd person, you might want to have this cvar set to 0, since it simulates crosshair position
to aim where it would aim in first person. (It is not dynamic crosshair)

  cg_timestampformat [Default "%Y/%m/%d %H:%M:%S"]
This allows to customize scoreboard time stamp format, default is "%Y/%m/%d %H:%M:%S",
you can use formating in style of C strftime() function (see for more info), for example
pm/am format could look like "%Y/%m/%d %I:%M:%S %p"

   cg_drawRecording [Default 1]
Allows to enable/disable "RECORDING xyz.dm_26" text at the top of the screen.

  cg_drawrewards [Default 0]
Activates CTF reward icons and sounds. Proper gfx and sound mod is needed, you can try ql_rewards.pk3 provided
with the SMod 1.8.

  cl_numcores [Default 1]
Allows setting the processor cores affinity. It is recommended to keep this value at 1, as JKA is not optimized for multiple cores.
Set this value to 0 for default behaviour, i.e. for all cores used.

  r_nopicmipskins [Default 0]
Allows to disabled picmip for skins when r_picmip is activated. In another words, even with r_picmip, skins textures will
have high quality.

  cg_hudteamcolored [Default 0]
Allows to enable basejka behaviour which colors HUD accordingly to team color.

  cg_fixratio [Default 1]
Allows to enable/disable fixing of stretched HUD images for non 4:3 resolutions.
  cg_downloaddebug [Default 0]
Used to debug map autodownloading. If set to 1 (write mode) or 2 (append mode) it will create log file in /GameData/curl_verbose.log .

  cg_drawVerticalBar [Default 0]
When set to 1, displays vertical bar with weapons on the left of the screen. When set to 2, displays vertical bar with ammo in the same spot. Both modes display amount of ammo.

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