See you guys.

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See you guys.

Post by xenonk on Tue May 10, 2016 11:38 pm

Well first than all thanks to all of you for your time of laughs, fights and reports i think is time for me to go i'm a little tired from playing with 190+ ping plus other reasons i won't place here. I want to say thanks to the yellow penis staff:
thanks bob for keeping the server alive i know it must to be hard paying all months for this server from your own wallet i hope you will keep the server alive more years or at least months.

Ufo: what can i say? you do your work well, serious and always ready to help i like that.

Pete: LOL just... lol great admin serious when is required (30 seconds in the week) best troll i ever met no big difference with Dyd's utility description right?

Dydzio: You helped me a lot i appreciate that is a shame you are less active these days, the server needs more admins like you.

Swagers: You seem a great person in both in game and IRL, when you are online you do your work well you are like the balance between Dyd and Pete.

Now that i finished with this annoying sheit, i want to say bye to the most important players to me:

Mr. K along with dog are the people i liked to fight the most i like your actitudes of few-words-trolls making the whole whitenames fear your saber skill i hope we will fight someday before server dies.

Rico and Luma are like ying and yang one of the best duelist in the server and my 3rd best FF (not counting admin) Rico being all quiet except when russians appears, and Luma commenting ever kill.

Acid and Dimitri: My favorites players in the server i hope you both only good shit IRL, i love when Dim rapes Alcany and when Acid pisses off stronger players like arsa, i think there is nothing more to say you both rocks

arsa and Bunny: The spirit of zabrak fetish, and the lagging unconfirmed female duelist getting killed by you both sometimes eventually helped me to get better is a shame arsa is afraid of racing bob...

and finally Dr. Donkey and Ursa: almost all i know in staff and single is thanks to both of you, you never rejected to helped me and you always did it with a nice actitude without you both my time in jka would been a pain in the ass thank you.

If anyone wants someone to play with in SWTOR, CS:GO or Warframe add my steam Xenonc. cya and please help bob keeping the server alive. fuck you michael

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Re: See you guys.

Post by bro on Tue May 10, 2016 11:41 pm

Now youre gone i will really start to miss you... dont forget to drop in whenever u have time and feel like...

edit: apprentices dead -->> bushido won war

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