Compensations vol. 2

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Compensations vol. 2

Post by Guest on Sat Jun 18, 2016 11:36 am


Each player gets 100k CR for any Skill Point they possessed at the time of July 1st (that's the backup I used). Refunds are capped at 1 million CR, so if you had more than 10 points, then you don't get CR for the extent.


Based on the same backup, we determined that players listed below possessed more than 500k CR prior to the wipe. They'll receive 100k CR for any 500k CR they had.

IceCream. 2053685 (400000)
Ursa 1350474 (200000)
pada1 1190455 (200000)
Hrabin 610621 (100000)
Targnil 551910 (100000)
Ken 550490 (100000)
Boba Fett 541240 (100000)
KwaX 511870 (100000)


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