Looking for server moderators

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Looking for server moderators

Post by Guest on Tue Dec 27, 2016 1:17 pm

Tasks as below:

1. Instructing whitenames how to:
* /register
* spawn as profession
* ensuring they get the idea of accounts (have them /logout then /login back)
* bind keys if one seems smart enough (that's important as they'll instantly stop being as easy frags).

2. Arranging tournaments with CR as reward, CR are refunded by admins.

You don't need to perform duties in all these fields, it's enough if you tell us that you are interested only in either of them and that's fine for us as long as your activity is reasonable.

We will reward you with CR for your service, with a fixed amount for:

- any newly registered player, base reward for mere introduction to account system won't be too high, but any activity (like described below) that increases the chance of newbie's stay will make you eligible for more CR (based on the time spent on lecturing and if the newbie plays on the server in future).

Tip: If you get a new player registered, it may be wise to show him the map, basic aspects of playing, hang around with him a bit while protecting from rape from other players, warn other players who are killing him that it's a new person and they should refrain from excessive hostility, etc. All of that makes sense only if your newbie isn't too stupid, otherwise it's usually a waste of time.

- hosting tournaments will also get you some CR income, as long as the tournaments make sense (aren't staged, got at least 6 participants, the admin may participate if there's an uneven number of players).

Recruitment is closed atm


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