Realistic weapons mod

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Realistic weapons mod

Post by pete on Tue Feb 07, 2017 4:01 pm

Ran into this decent weapons mod that I used quite long ago, decided I can share it, it has a ton of stuff.

Download: ?asei341ky5se9ie

Simply extract/place the .pk3 file into your gamedata/base directory, and run the game!

For blood extract blood pk3s to the base folder

Simply remove/delete the .pk3 file from your gamedata/base directory


Heavy Repeater:
Matrix UMP (Outlaw, zul, Tin Soldier, S.P.I.T.Z, Bots,Tin Soldier, S7OK3)
M4 M203 (Tin Soldier a.k.a ReggieDog, Executrix)
MP5 M203 (Raven, §ixShooter, Hawk)
M249 (CSHPT M249, De@dMe@t, Sodom-Hussein, Lonewolf, Raven, Murdock, Antix, Andromeda, OneManArmy)
Silenced MP5 (Short_Fuse, Creeping_Jesus, Version_2, Ironclad, Wannabe, Sub Zero, The Lama, SAS.STU, Prodigy, The Aim, -X-)
Ak47 M203 (Tin Soldier, Darkstorn, Firegold, Splinter, Thor, Yamantaka, Strykerwolf)

Crossbow (Outlaw, S.P.I.T.Z, Shrike, Wannabe, M|N|ON, Mr.Otter)

MP5 Silenced ({Re(@)peR})
MP5 ({Re(@)peR})
P90 (Spezz,  Bi0hazard, pr0d!gy)
AK47 (Shrike, Wannabe)
P90 silenced (Spezz, S.P.I.T.Z, Thanez)
MP5k (Short_fuse, Andrew, Stoke,Sas.Stu, Firegold, BulletHead, Creeping_jesus, Nightshade, Thor, Yamantaka)

FN FAL (Unknown)
MP5 ( M|N|ON, Mr.Otter)
M4 (Ankalar, Stoke, bullet_head, Creeping_Jesus, -X-)
Crossbow ( Wannabe, 4130, De@dMe@t, S7OK3, Snark, Snap, S.P.I.T.Z, Bullet Head, Robert Olender, ReTr0, Darkstorn, Firegold, Splinter, Thor, Yamantaka, Strykerwolf, Jennifer!, Bullethead, cjone2)

Machette Bloody (version2, insulaner)
Machette Synthetic (version2, numb rider)

Blaster Pistol:
Silenced PPK (Venom908, !NC!Furious)
Desert Eagle (birdhouses, S7OK3, Pr0d!gy, snark)
Vietcong Revolver (Snap, Vietcong, vunsunta)
Beretta M9 (Bullit, Vince, SplinterCell)

Golan Arms:
Spas12 (Snark, Giz, Stoke, Robert Olender)
Spas12 Stock Down (DarkStorn, B00G3R, Ope, De@dMe@t,SplinterCell)
M3 Wood (Biohazard, Schmung, Pr0digy, SureShot, Enmity)
M3 Metal (Biohazard, Schmung, Pr0digy, SureShot, Enmity)
M3 Chrome (Biohazard, Schmung, Pr0digy, SureShot, Enmity)
Mossberg (Slipknot Freak, E3D, DesertFOK)

C4 (defektion, Outlaw, NauT!cA)

Pipebomb (Artic Sniper, SixShooter, NauT!cA)

XM-103 Rocket Launcher (Kalo, Anarchy, Fiblah, Galen,  Decimal, Intel, Sebastian Croon AKA [JEA]SPAWN, [The Almighty], Glo-Boy, Ankalar, Stoke, bullet_head, Creeping_Jesus, -X-)

M61 Grenades (TS Team, Insulaner, Snake, The Expert)

Blood (fatoschi, Chris Reed)

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Re: Realistic weapons mod

Post by Kyle Katarn on Tue Feb 07, 2017 4:32 pm

tryhard, here tho is a huge modification I did to some tier weapon mod, its the ee3 rifle of boba fett, it replace the repeatere, it has french and english string modification rkp7jp
Kyle Katarn

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Re: Realistic weapons mod

Post by xenonk on Sat Feb 11, 2017 11:34 pm


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Re: Realistic weapons mod

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