How to set up a Lugormod account

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How to set up a Lugormod account

Post by pete on Sat Feb 07, 2015 10:56 pm

Welcome to Lugormod. In Lugormod you can access 3 different classes to play as - Jedi, Sith or Mercenary. All 3 classes are very different from eachother and are balanced - believe it or not. I'll explain the registration method in the following steps below:


Step 1.0: Opening console
Open your console with Shift and ~

Step 1.5: Changing name from Padawan to something nice
Type /set name (your name) in the console

Step 2.0: Registering
You can register by writing /register (your username) (your password)

Step 3.0: Choosing a profession
You can choose between Jedi, Sith and Mercenary
/spawn jedi - You will respawn as a Jedi
/spawn sith - You will respawn as a Sith
/spawn merc - You will respawn as a Mercenary

Step 5.0: Join the battle!

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