How to play on any resolution

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How to play on any resolution

Post by pete on Sat Feb 07, 2015 11:00 pm

If you are experiencing issues putting your resolution on, you should read this. JKA does support any single resolution there is.


Step 1.0: Open console
Open console with Shift and ~

Step 2.0: Write /r_mode -1
So you can enter your custom chosen width and height resolution

Step 3.0: Entering resolution
It's essential to know your resolution so make sure you know it. You can check it in your Control Panel menu on Desktop. So let's say your resolution is 1366x768. This means you will have to type:
/r_customwidth 1366
/r_customheight 768

Step 4.0: Restarting video
Once you've wrote down your resolution it's time to restart your video.
Type /vid_restart and enjoy your new resolution.

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